Georgia is a Qualified Equine Dental Technician and Member of the IAED


“Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much Georgia for doing Buzz's teeth this morning. Well worth the teeny amount of money you charge! Such an easy person to deal with and you make your job look almost effortless”

Sonia Swinbourne

“We had the FANTASTIC Georgia Worth Equine Dental Care come and look at our two boys and Riri today. Drum was his usual doey self and let Georgia fall in love with him. Thanks Georgia and we will see you in 3 weeks for Jasper's wolf tooth extraction.”

Hannah Edwardson

“I highly recommend Georgia as an equine dentist, she has an awesome manner with the horses (even the shy ones!) and is very patient. Her experience in the sporthorse industry means she knows what is required of the horses and how they should be treated. Thanks again Georgia for doing such a good job!

Jenn Savill

“I have been using Georgia Worth Equine Dental Care for over a year now. I have found her to extremely professional and easy to work with. I have had encounters with people calling themselves Equine Dentists and have paid the price for below par work which damaged one of my horses severely with on going issues until I had Georgia look at him. Georgia is fantastic with my horses even with the young ones she is very patient with them. I would recommend Georgia to anyone looking for a professional Equine Dentist with no reservation.“

Bronwyn Paul

“Georgia has great ability to assess and work with any horse’s dental needs. She has great time management, a great friendly attitude and is awesome with horses. I strongly recommend Georgia for all you equine dental needs.”

Hannah McAvoy